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We are Brand Designers

Brand Inventors offers a wide range of Corporate Identity and Brand Design services. We’ve been responsible for over 60 logo designs over the past 8 years including full corporate identities and brand manuals. Our team of highly skilled designers will assist you with a complete logo design solution and once completed assist you with all the other elements that form part of your entire branding pack. We also deliver all our brand packs in high resolution vector format ready for both digital and print usage.

Having a full corporate identity means that all your letterheads, folders, logo’s, business cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes, complimentary slips, power point presentations, cd covers and everything else is in order. Your employees can simply pick it up and go ahead. Your marketing staff can simply drop off a cd at the print shop and know that your new set of business cards will match the previous sets. Your brand guide will also supply anyone touching your identity with enough information to ensure brand consistency and guideline rules.

Franchise Concept Designers

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Create your own package based on your needs. Our quote builder allows you to pick & choose what you need and give you a guideline price as close to the final as possible.