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As Restaurant Interior Designers we know when it comes to a restaurant or social venue, it takes a lot more than a good meal to keep customers coming back. Restaurant design & development includes aspects such as menu design, ambiance and seating arrangements. Space planning needs to be taken into consideration when setting up a restaurant or bar to create the optimum business results. Other factors such as lighting and interior design are also important. All the elements that form part of the visuals of the front of house is much more important than most people would like to admit. But there is also good kitchen design and flow design of the entire store which will allow your staff to deliver great service in quick turn-around times.

In short – a restaurant interior is not only aesthetics but also function. We are Restaurant Designers who design stores to deliver the best of both within your space criteria.

Allow Brand Inventors to handle every aspect of setting up your new restaurant such as furniture design and development, branding, menu design and 3D design & layout planning. We handle both interior and exterior branding, custom made furniture and space utilisation. We also have professional kitchen designers working hand-in-hand with the design team to ensure that your business is set-up the right way from the beginning.

We can assist with Seafood Restaurant Interiors, Deli Interior Designs & a wide range of restaurant decor ideas. Contact us for more information.

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Restaurant Interior Designers

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