Restaurant design for beginners

If you are starting up a new restaurant, there are many things for you to take into consideration before opening the doors to the public. Reasonable prices and tasty food is not all you need to make a success of a restaurant.

Factors such as menu design, corporate colours and interior design are all very important aspects to take into consideration. One of these factors is restaurant design and layout. And although it may seem to be an easy task, there are many essentials to consider during this process.

One of the most intimidating, as well as important, design factors to take into account is the everlasting comfort versus profitability battle. How many customers can you force into one space before making your customers irritated and uncomfortable? Therefor it is very important to design your restaurant from start to finish, allowing enough space for customers to dine at ease without sacrificing space that could have been profitable to the company.

Design is not simply about spacing the furniture in a logical fashion and allowing staff and clients to be able to move from room to room. It also consists of furniture choices, fabrics, lighting, décor and ambiance. Not to mention practicality and staying within a given budget.

The type of furniture you choose for your restaurant sets the tone and mood for your customers. For instance, if you serve meals that allow customers to be seated for long periods at a time, it is important to choose cushioned or contoured chairs for optimal comfort. If you have a family restaurant it may be best to enable your customers to seat in large parties or at booths to improve sociability.

However, if you are catering for high end customers that will be dining in small parties and are looking for a romantic evening out, you may consider rich wooden furniture with soft lighting and rich colours for décor.

Space is a very important factor when dining in a restaurant. As a client, you want to be at ease and be served without necessarily sitting on top of your neighbouring diner’s table. Therefor it is essential to plan thoroughly to ensure that both staff members and clients can move easily through the restaurant. This will automatically result in better service and happier customers.

You must plan for all the types of customers you may encounter. You may need seats for couples, family meals, larger parties and special bookings. Your restaurant may also go through various trends at certain times and therefor it is often best to have tables that one can move closer to one another, to accommodate large parties, or take apart, to accommodate smaller parties.

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