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Our Standard Drawing Packs

  • R 250/m²
  • From R220-R320 Per m2
  • Great for Basic Landlord Presentations and Quick Overviews.
  • Basic CAD Floorplan X 1
  • Draft 3D Renderings X 3
  • Signage Proposal X 1
  • Meeting X 1
  • Revisions X 1
  • Terms and Conditions Apply
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  • R 700/m²
  • From R620-R780 Per m2
  • Advanced Pack for serious retailers new and existing stores.
  • Store Concept Development X 1
  • Basic CAD Floorplan X 3
  • Detailed 3D Renderings X 10
  • Signage Proposal X 1
  • Ceiling Plans X 1
  • Electrical Plans X 1
  • Meeting X 3
  • Revisions X 3
  • Terms and Conditions Apply
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  • R 1600/m²
  • From R1480-R1680 Per m2
  • Complete Pack includes all elements for advanced retail solutions
  • Store Concept Development X 1
  • Complete CAD Floorplan
  • Detailed 3D Renderings X 20
  • Signage Proposal
  • Signage Technicals
  • Ceiling Plans
  • Electrical + Plumbing Plans X 1
  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Lighting & Atmospheric Design
  • Video Sales Presentation
  • Visual Project Portfolio
  • Unlimited Meeting
  • Revisions X 3
  • Terms and Conditions Apply
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Our design packages are created to deliver extremely successful results.

Common Questions

I don’t know how big my store needs to be.

Most retail spaces have standard available sizes. Common Sizes are 50, 100, 120, 180 square meters. The size of the store depends on your location, service offering and scope. There really is no right answer, but rather what size is required to make your business plan succeed.

How do I calculate the Square Meters?

Square Meters are calculated by multiplying the width of the store by the length of the store (e.g – 10m X 5m = 50m). For complex shape store the size of the store will be indicated on the architectural plan provided by your landlord.

What do I need to submit to most Landlords for approval?

Most Landlords require a 3D Visual, Technical Floorplan and Signage Proposal Document. These are simply put into place because the Landlord wants to know exactly what is planned for the space and whether it will compliment the surrounding stores and complete shopping centre experience. This is why design is so important for start-ups. A beautiful designed store will not only get you customers, but also into high-end retail centres.

How long will it take to design my store?

It all depends on the complexity of your project and our schedule in studio. We usually try to complete all design work within a 2-6 week period. Obviously it depends on the scope of work and package you’ve requested. 4 Weeks is always a good estimate on most design packages.

What if I need multiple changes made after initial design?

Depending on your specific package, design changes are listed as revisions and additional revisions are charged per hourly rate. Our basic packages allows for 1 set of changes after which the hourly rate will be charged. Our high-end packages allow for 3 revisions and are charged at a discounted hourly rate thereafter.

I have a space, what do you need to proceed with design work?

If you have a space in mind and need design work completed all we need is a design brief, architectural plan (provided by your LandLord) and your deposit. From there we schedule meetings, start the entire process and complete your project as quickly as possible.

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